Veterinary Pathology

As the treatment options for animals with tumors and skin disorders have improved in recent times, owners increasingly want to use pathological diagnostics for the identification of the tumor for an optimal treatment plan to the owner. To make a diagnosis, cytological examination of thin needle (aspiration) biopsies and the histopathological examination of incision and excision biopsies are used.

Thin needle (aspiration) biopsies

We are aware that sometimes it is difficult to obtain a representative smear for the cytological examination of a process. We advise you to send in several smears, so that the chance of the presence of a representative cell yield is as high as possible. Once biopsies are obtained, smear aspirations onto coated slides (super frost). These can be transported to our laboratory in slide holders. Results of cytological examination will have a duration of one or two working days.

Incision and excision biopsies

For qualitative and reliable results, it is essential that you use the correct formalin (10% buffered Fisher brand branded formalin) and preferably shaved skin lesions. Once biopsies are obtained, it can be sent to our laboratory in the correct containers with the requisition form.

Results of incision and excision will have a duration of three working days, unless additional tissue stains are required.