Clinical Chemistry and Haematology Tests

Clinical Chemistry and Haematology Order Forms

The Department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology is located on the ground floor of the New Bed Tower of Horacio Oduber Hospital.

Order forms guidelines

Prior to a diagnosis or check the effect of a treatment, your specialist, your physician, or your midwife often has research done on body materials such as blood, urine, and stool. This research is done in the Clinical Chemistry and Haematology laboratory.

The Clinical Chemistry and Haematology laboratory uses two types of request forms:

the red application is intended for blood examination

the yellow request form is intended for urine examination

A request form must be completely filled out before it can be processed. The patient’s information should be listed at the top left of the request form.

Guidelines for submitting material

The Clinical Chemistry and Haematology department has certain requirements for submitting materials to guarantee the highest quality of our test results:

Materials and forms required for the collection of samples can be ordered through the warehouse of the laboratory, via e-mail, or by telephone number 527 4000.

For more information about specific tests search the vademecum.


Results are sent to the requesting physician,  medical specialist, and the ward where the patient is admitted. In addition, consult the results through the hospital and/or laboratory result system in the various departments. General practitioners receive the results only electronically through Promedico.