Prepare for a test

In order to get blood tested, patients must bring their laboratory request form signed and stamped by a registered physician as well as their AZV card. When a patient does not have an AZV card, a patient must bring valid identification.

Laboratory request form

The laboratory request form must be completely filled out with the following information:

  • a. Full name of the patient
  • b. Date of birth
  • c. Address and telephone number
  • d. AZV number
  • e. Name, stamp and signature of the doctor / specialist

Payment methods include:

  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Other insurance declarations

In order to do a laboratory test, you have received a laboratory request form signed by a registered physician. This will often be blood and /or urine tests, but you can also go to the laboratory to hand in feces, semen or other body materials to be examined. For most tests, you can go to all LABHOH locations an appointment is not necessary.
Read the laboratory request form that you received from your doctor, you can find instructions that are important for you. For example, whether you should be fasting for the test.

Fasting means that you cannot eat or drink anymore on the day before the examination from 22:00. It is allowed to drink water or tea without additives. If you use medication you can take it as usual, unless your doctor has agreed otherwise.
For the test mentioned below, you have to be on an empty stomach in order to get your tests done.

  • Glucose
  • GTT

Some examinations cannot be performed at every LABHOH location or time. The location is stated on your lab form or you will be informed by your doctor. If you need material for the examination, for example, a jar to collect the urine, you can obtain this at one of the LABHOH locations.

Please click below on the specific information folder on other tests which requires different procedure:

For further instructions, download one of our pamphlets or click here “Laboratory test information“.

Always bring your AZV card and proof of identity.