Clinical Chemistry and Haematology

The Department of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology (KCH) performs laboratory research in blood and other bodily fluids on behalf of general practitioners, medical specialists (inside and outside the hospital), as well as other healthcare institutions such as medical examiners, general practitioners laboratories, veterinarians, companies and inspections (for example: “workplace drug tests”).

By measuring substances or counting the existing blood cells, something can be said about your health or your treatment. For example, laboratory research can contribute to determining or ruling out a disease, following the course of a disease, determining whether a treatment is successful, or preventing a disease.

The laboratory of the KCH is located in the Horacio Oduber Hospital (LABHOH). In addition to the blood collection site in the HOH, there are 4 other blood collection sites spread across the island (Oranjestad, Ponton, Piedra Plat, and San Nicolas) where blood is collected or where other materials such as urine can be returned. We carry out approximately 1.7 million tests per year. The laboratory opens 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with a limited package being offered to the hospital after office hours.

Within the KCH, in addition to all standard provisions, a number of special tests are carried out or sent to the Netherlands, whereby the laboratory is the reference center for:

Clinical Chemistry and Hematology

  • Hemato-Oncology in collaboration with the Erasmus MC
  • Specific clotting and endocrinology in collaboration with the UMCU
  • Immune hematology in collaboration with Sanquin
  • Liquor research (neurology) in collaboration with UMCU
  • Genetics and Metabolic diseases in collaboration with the Clinical Genetic Centers of the National Genetics Research In NL
  • Paternity research in collaboration with Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis Nijmegen