How is blood drawn?

Blood can be drawn by either venipuncture or from the finger.
When doing the venipuncture, you punctured a vein in one of your arms. It can be a bit painful, but this is only short-lived.
When drawing blood from the finger a small puncture is made on the side of the fingertip, where a few drops of blood are captured in a small tube about 1.5 cm high.

How do I get the results from my examined tests?

FSLMA sends the results of the examination to your doctor. You can contact your doctor to discuss the results. If it is a test requested and paid by the patient, it is possible to retrieve the result at FSLMA with a valid identification.

What happens to my blood after the examination?

The patient’s blood is stored at the FSLMA facility for 7 days in case the doctor wants additional test to be examined.

Where do I bring which sample?

PAP tests, stool and urine samples can be submitted at all locations that belong to FSLMA. Semen samples can only be submitted at the FSLMA facility in the hospital.

Can I store PAP test samples at home before taking it to the laboratory? How?

PAP tests can be stored preferably in a refrigerator where it is cool. Under no circumstances should it be stored or placed in a place where it has a warm temperature.

How long does it take to get my test results?

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