Guidelines COVID-19

LABHOH Medical Microbiology has two different PCR tests to detect SARS-CoV-2 virus.

1. Regular COVID-19 PCR (on the order form LABHOH MMB mentions “COVID-19 PCR”). Order forms can be used for clinical, outpatient, general practitioner, and other patients. The collected sample must be placed in a “Bio-hazard” bag. Each sample should have a completely filled order form and be handed in at the central office of the laboratory. For all the samples handed in before 11:00 in the morning, the requesting physician/medical specialist will obtain results the same day.

2. Urgent (SPOED) Covid-19 PCR (on the request form LABHOH MMB mentions “URGENT COVID-19 PCR”). This PCR test is more expensive than the regular COVID-19 PCR. After the sample is handed in at the central office of the laboratory, the results will be available within 2 hours during office hours.

*Outside office hours, consult with the clinical microbiologist on duty about the options.

Please only request the “URGENT COVID-19 PCR” in the following cases:

Given that the number of “URGENT COVID-19 PCR” tests available worldwide is limited and the costs are high, please understand the limitations of using urgent PCR.

LABHOH Medical Microbiology has COVID-19 serological tests and COVID-19 serological rapid tests. Due to the limited sensitivity, specificity, and positive and negative predictive value of these serological tests in areas with low seroprevalence, the use for clinical diagnostics is not recommended.

This serological diagnosis is therefore available on a “research” basis in HOH after consultation between an infectiologist, clinical microbiologist, intensivist, and/or pulmonologist.

For further information, please contact the on-duty clinical microbiologist at LABHOH. (DUTCH)

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